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Technology has changed the rules of business. Neither the size of a company nor its number of clients can ensure success. Profitability and competitiveness today hinge on your ability to get your product to the market more cost-effectively and efficiently than the competition.

For over a decade, the BlueStream Consulting Team has worked with businesses large and small, delivering communications expertise to increase value through enterprise communication, contact centre and business computing needs. 

In today’s market, where overhead costs matter more than ever, our team of consultants can give you the competitive advantage to get ahead.

Our services will save time, increase profits, add security and produce efficiency gains.

BlueStream’s reputation for excellence in the Canadian marketplace is built on:

  1. An unparalleled understanding our customers’ needs.
  2. Wide-ranging knowledge of industry trends and best practices.
  3. Practical experience and expertise with the latest technology and tools.

Developing Technology Solutions to Fit Your Business
The BlueStream team comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience in every area of telecommunications. This insight allows us to recognize inefficiencies in your operations, implement new systems, re-engineer business processes, and help you make existing technology and practices work more efficiently and effectively. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you do whatever it is you do, better.
Our service offerings are guided by that idea, and are each designed to address specific aspects of your existing portfolio of communication technologies:

  • Technology Review & Support Services Optimization
  • Strategic Planning & Resource Optimization
  • Vendor Selection and Managed Services
  • Risk Management Services

Saving Money without Shaving Quality
The average Canadian business spends as much as 35% more than it should on telecom. Our concept is simple. We will help you review your existing suite of telecom technologies with a scalpel to help you find savings and make the most of your current infrastructure.

Beyond simple cost cutting, BlueStream’s consultants will identify strategies that will help you better leverage today's telecom technology and services to improve corporate productivity, organizational structure, and staff efficiency.

Doing business differently
We understand that clients are essential to the success of work – that is why we will work with you throughout the development and rollout of our business solutions.  Our work plan is developed in consultation with our clients and we strive to deliver real results within budget and on time. 

“Our service objective is to exceed our client’s expectation.  We listen to our customers’ ambitions and goals and relate them to their bottom line.  Together, if we’ve made a positive impact on their profitability while helping meet their business goals, I feel good about our work.”  Ron Dekker, BlueStream Senior Consultant

BlueStream Consultants receive no kickbacks or incentives from telecom suppliers. Our objective, value-oriented telecom recommendations are based solely and entirely on the best interests of your organization, with consideration of all available alternative, plans and rates.

Helping You Find Value – No Strings Attached
If you would like to arrange a no-obligation consultative briefing with BlueStream to explore potential opportunities to improve your business telecom and IT services, please contact us at 877 677 3099 or please click here.

Here is sample of where we can bring you value:

Technology Evaluation

Helping you find value. The world is changing, and the BlueStream team “gets it”.  New technologies and regulatory requirements for telecom and information management are creating new challenges for businesses, but beneath them lay profitable opportunities as well.

Our first step in working with you will be a comprehensive review of your telecom hardware and software infrastructure. We will help you identify cost savings and ways to boost productivity through technology improvements, providing you with a detailed snapshot and assessment of where you are and where you could be. 
Our work includes a review of the following:

    • Telephone Systems
    • Call Centre
    • Mobility
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Connectivity
    • Multi-site Connectivity
    • Networking benefits, Hardware utilization and Centralized applications
    • Platform choices
    • Cable Infrastructure Cat 5, Cat 6, Fiber and wireless
    • Industry Specific info, Benchmarking and Multi platform
    • Support Services
    • Online Diagnostics
    • Universal Billing and Invoicing
    • Teleworking
    • Disaster Recovery

Computer Systems and Services

Turning Lemons to Lemonade.
Despite recent economic trends, your technology and tools must continue to evolve with the fast pace of technological innovation.   Finding the right balance between new investment and the uncertainties of the market is the key to success for any business.  BlueStream’s professionals have been helping our clients find that balance for more than a decade.  We can help you assess your needs, find savings, improve efficiencies, and ultimately thrive in a challenging environment by examining your business needs in these core areas:

    • Computer Network and Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
    • Document Management/Printers, Faxes, Scanners
    • Data Infrastructure
    • Server Solutions
    • Desk Tops, Laptops and Mobile Devices
    • Software Compliance
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Software Compatibility
    • Migration Path
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Operating System (OS) Review (Novell, MS, Linux etc.)
    • Connectivity to Information Service Provider (ISP)
    • Outsourcing
    • Web Service
    • Support Services (on site and remote
    • Universal Billing and Invoicing

Cellular and Wireless Services

Helping your business stay mobile.
  A modern business cannot function without mobile telecom services.  BlueStream can help you navigate the ever-changing mobile communications market with its many services and pricing plans.  We will work with you to ensure that you are getting exactly the services you want at the right price.  Here is a small sample of the areas we can help you drastically reduce costs while maintaining or even improving quality of service:   

    • Service Providers
    • Assessing User Needs and Service Plans
    • Voice & Data Plan
    • Data Synchronization – Blackberry Services
    • Call Transfer (Mobile, PBX and VoIP)
    • Thrift Provider Emergence
    • Universal Billing and Invoicing

Connectivity: Telco’s and ISP’s
Keeping you ahead.  The BlueStream team understands the latest telecom and ISP technologies and can apply that knowledge to your advantage.  We can help you find crucial savings without sacrificing important technology tools that keep you business working well.  Some of what we can work on to keep you ahead of the curve:

    • Universal Bill Format/Invoicing
    • Provider Analysis
    • Finding the right Telecom provider or ISP for your business
    • Bandwidth requirements and efficiencies
    • VoIP vs. Analogue or Digital Landline

Project Management Services
Taking the lead with you.  At BlueStream we understand that large projects and organizational transitions are crucial to the success of your business.  We can help you manage large projects and transitions with our strong record of practical experience and strategic thinking.  Keeping you informed on a regular basis is essential to the success of projects we lead for you.  Some of the types of projects our team is regularly called on for: 

  • Relocation Services & Planning
  • Service Procurement
  • Moves, Expansions or Changes of management
  • Vendor selection & on-going support management
  • Workplace planning and design

Helping You Find Value – No Strings Attached
If you would like to arrange a no-obligation consultative briefing with BlueStream to explore potential opportunities to improve your business telecom and IT services, please contact us at 877 677 3099 or please click here.

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