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IT Solutions

The world is changing and the BlueStream team “gets it”.  New technologies and regulatory requirements in the world of information management are creating new challenges.  But, they are also creating new opportunities.  BlueStream’s professionals can help you stay focused on the most important parts of your business that impact on efficiency, and ultimately on profitability.  

When it comes to information technology, value is measured by much more than price.  Equipment must respond to your every requirement, demonstrating efficiency, economy, flexibility, and reliability on a consistent basis.
BlueStream offers a diverse range of services, hardware & software representing the best available performance and value for your information technology investment. Our products and services include:
•  Managed Services: Your single source support provider for both telephony and data services. Our on-site contracted services are suited for companies looking to maximize their technology budget in today's

Security Solutions and Threat Management: BlueStream’s Security Solution consists of a multi-faceted approach, offering products and services that when combined creates a comprehensive security program including business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

• High Performance File Servers & workstations: implement and support mid-range servers including clustering and server consolidation.

Voice, Data & Wireless Network Integration: Increase productivity and save costs with integration of data, voice and video on a single IP based network.

BlueStream also designs and deploys wireless network connections within offices or between buildings to
provide more flexibility and productivity.

Storage Strategies: We understand the impact enterprise storage can have on a company’s infrastructure
and applications. Let us help you select the best option for your environment.

Thin Client Computing: BlueStream provides solutions and services for secure deployment of server based applications via remote access clients or web browser. These solutions are low in cost compared to
traditional desktop computers and provide a centralized data backup and application upgrades.

For a budgetary quote or a proposal on a support plan that is purposely designed for your business, please call us at 877 677 3099 or please click here.

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