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BlueStream Announces Strategic Partnership with SoundNotes Technologies

Company to Begin Offering Call Recording Solutions by Q2.

Toronto, Ontario 

BlueStream, a leading Canadian provider of voice and data systems, announced today that it had reached an agreement with SoundNotes Technologies, a Mississauga-based telecom software company specializing in call recording.  Under the terms of the agreement, BlueStream has partnered with SoundNotes to deliver call recording software to the Ontario market.

The SoundNotes recording software is designed to be powerful, robust and adaptable to the unique needs of any company, agency or organization. Its scalable model and modular approach allows for an unparalleled degree of flexibility, which has been the reason for its success and popularity among customers. Lynn Smith, SoundNotes’ VP of Marketing, commented that, “We’re very pleased to have a company with BlueStream’s reputation representing our product in Ontario. We selected BlueStream as a partner for their track record of outstanding customer service and we’re confident in their ability to deliver.”

BlueStream's John Hussein was equally optimistic. “Call recording is the next big thing is the telecom industry – everybody’s asking about it these days. Now, whether our clients need to record for regulatory compliance, liability protection, security or quality assurance, we have them covered from all angles. And by giving them the ability to capture, store, retrieve and analyze phone conversations, we can offer them a way to make their agents better and enhance their customers’ experiences. We couldn’t be happier with this deal.”

The first step by the partners will be to optimize the SoundNotes software with all of BlueStream’s existing solutions. By April 2009, all BlueStream solutions will come with a call recording option based on SoundNotes’ software.


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About SoundNotes
SoundNotes is a telecom software developer based in Mississauga, Ontario, specializing in call recording technology. While the vast majority of  call recording softwares on the market are sold generically, SoundNotes has built its name on purpose-built recording solutions, customized for every client, making it the most adaptable recording software available to date. See for more information on their cutting-edge recording solutions.

About BlueStream
BlueStream Technologies Inc. is a leading Canadian provider of business telephone systems and data networks. For over a decade, BlueStream has made its comprehensive suite of communications solutions available to companies from all sectors of the market, helping them boost sales and enhance customer experience, while minimizing labour and technology costs. For additional information, please visit

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